Basic Procedures When Dealing with Roof Damage Caused by Storm

No one can predict what specific day and time a storm comes as well as the damages to your roof that are brought about by the storm. As a homeowner, it is very hard to identify what type of damage you may have on your roof right after an intense storm. In addition to that, the types of storm are winter storms, wind storms, electrical storms, hail storms and rain storms can all result to unfortunate roof damages, and all of these types do not even matter how severe the damages will become.

The best thing you may do is to understand and know the right ways to do after a storm to hasten roof repairs as well as insurance claims. Taking the correct ways at the right given time can actually mean you get your home back to a secure and safe condition immediately.

The following are some basic steps or ways when dealing with roof damage caused by the storm:

  1. Assess the damages of your roof – but only if the coast is already secured and safe.

Resist the urge to examine your roofing system until the sky is clear and the storm has already completely passed. Keep in mind that debris on the roof or icy or wet spots may cause you to slip, trip and worse, fall. Even more dangerous problems like unstable roof surfaces and downed power lines are very vital to consider prior to climbing up on your roofing system.

Once you are very certain that the surface is safe, that is the time you make the move to assess the roof damages caused by the storm. As a matter of fact, this will aid you to keep in touch with your insurance agent and roofing company at once. You need to wait until daylight because it is not possible to assess what is going on with not enough lighting.

Take note of any exposed portions of your roofing system, looking for tarpaper plywood, tarpaper or ends of missing shingles.

Determine missing shingles, if any, and the degree of the damaged portions in order to give them a clearer picture of what they’re like to expect during their expert assessment.

Estimate the area size and gather specific details about the damages you share with roofing and insurance companies.

Make use of your binoculars in order to get a clearer vision without having to climb up on the roof top.

  1. Start temporary repairs to decrease the cost damage to the property.

Whenever you find out that the roof has extensive damages directly on top of your living area, you have to start taking immediate course of actions in order to avoid property damage from falling debris or leaking water.

Place trash or plastic bags over rugs, furniture and other items which might be in line with the leak.

Remove any valuables or treasured items away from the leaks.

Place garbage cans or buckets under leaks.

  1. Contact your roofing company and insurance company.

When the roof damage caused by storm was widespread all over the surface, it is a very good option to make a call first to your insurance agent because you will find that the roof experts like roof repair Columbia SC are tied up managing emergencies.

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