Myalert Program Vers. 6

What is it?

This application is a reminder program that automatically pops up a dialog box at computer startup with events you wanted to know 1-7 days (your choice) prior to their occurrence. According to PC Magazine®, this program is far superior in its simplicity and functionality to Microsoft's Outlook®.

Which Version should you download? You may choose from two options as described below. Both versions will run on Windows 2000®, Windows XP® or Windows VISTA®:

  • The U.S. application uses the date format MM/DD/YY.
  • The European application is identical to the above, except it uses the date format DD/MM/YY.

Reported possible interference from "Office Outlook® 2003":

  • If you install all of Microsoft Office except "Office Outlook® 2003" on a computer running MYALERT, you will not experience any problems. Otherwise follow these 5 steps.
  • 1: Install Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003.
  • 2: Save your Myaler1 (US) or Myalert (Europe) data file, which you will find in the c:\Mydata\ folder.
  • 3: Uninstall Myalert.exe, using the Control panel.
  • 4: Reinstall Myalert, using the SETUP file downloaded previously or download the application again from our web site at
  • 5: Copy your saved data file to c:\Mydata\. Both Myalert and Microsoft Office Outlook® will now work properly

Microsoft "Office® 2007" does not interfere with MYALERT in Windows Vista®


This program was recommended in August, 2003 in PC magazines and in 2001 received a 4-star rating from ZD.NET. It could have received 5 stars if we would have changed the Desktop icon from, quote: a horse head to something "more appropriate". Sorry, but the icon was dedicated to our beautiful Morgan Horse Stallion Finny. We were told that the application was also mentioned in 2003 in a European magazine "PC Info". In their March 25, 2004 issue of PC WORLD® the editor states that this application is better than Microsoft's Outlook®. Myalert is a very compact application which loads instantly and does not stay resident in your computer's memory.


In the 80's we created a program that would give up to 7 days notice prior to any birthdays or appointments. The program was designed to run under DOS and pop up on the screen whenever the computer was turned on. Many friends and customers had this program installed. With the advent of Windows 95 things have changed. It was still possible to have the program display events on the DOS platform. But it was getting inconvenient to exit Windows, enter the DOS environment and add or delete any records.

Myalert Program:

This program was built in 1998 and has been downloaded from our own web site more than 3,200 times in 2001. It was also available on several commercial sites and has been included on some CD's.

The Application is designed to run under Windows 95 or later and is fully compliant with Windows XP through VISTA and NT. Because of its 32 bit structure, this application will NOT run under DOS or Windows 3.1.

It has been reported that certain Hot Keys designed to change keyboard functions to Slavic alphabets in East European countries have caused this application also to start up. Changing or deleting the Hot Key in the horse head icon on the desktop will solve the problem.

Program Features:

The user may enter single events such as appointments, monthly reminders for utility, mortgage or credit card payments and annual occurrences such as birthdays, anniversaries or contract renewals.

The user may add new reminders in one of two ways. Select the "Add" option from the menu or tool bar and enter the appropriate responses in the new record dialog box. The much preferred option is to display the calendar and click the desired date for a reminder. Close the calendar by clicking the "use date for new record" button and the new record dialog box will open up with the selected date already displayed.

When adding a new record, the user will assign a single , monthly or yearly tag field to the record and determine, how many days in advance (1...7) the program is to list the upcoming event at computer boot-up time.

The user may delete any records from the data file. Single events will be automatically removed by the program 7 days after their target date has passed. Monthly and yearly records may only be removed manually by the user.

The user may search for any record in the data base by entering a key word. The word or part of a word does not have to be case sensitive.

The user can scroll through all records in the main list box. The user may also select single, monthly or yearly displays or have all records printed.

The new version 6 will allow the user to select an existing record and change its data or just duplicate an existing record at different dates. The application sorts all entries by month and day.

If you accidentally erased the data file, select FILE >> New from Myalert application menu. This will open up a blank and empty list box. Create the first record and select FILE >> SAVE AS and for File type BE SURE to keep MYALERT. Type in c:\Mydata\, follpwed by the filename below. The program reads from and writes only to a data file with the default name "Myaler1.dta" (US) or "Myalert.dta" (Europe). It is highly recommended that the user occasionally create a backup data file by using the "Save As" command and save MYALER1.DTA or MYALERT.DTA in a backup directory.

If you prefer to manually enter the date for a reminder, click on DATA and select ADD for a new record. The dialog box below will give you the option to manually select your date.


InstallShield® will install the application in a default folder (a.k.a. directory) C:\Program Files\Myalert\ and the datafile in C:\Mydata\. InstallShield will install all required application and library files and update the Window's registry. If at any time the user wants to delete this application, he or she may do so by following Microsoft®'s uninstall recommendation, using the CONTROL PANEL. N-E-V-E-R remove a registered application by any other means !!!!

When updating this program with a later version, copy your data file to another folder or save it on a CD or Memory Stick. InstallShield will install a data file with a single record. The application will be installed in the C:\Program Files\Myalert\ folder and the data file will be installed in C:\MYDATA\ folder. All previously created data files in earlier versions are compatible with those of Version 6

Before installing this program, make sure that ALL presently running applications are turned off. (Example: right-click any program icons displayed on the bottom bar of your screen and select 'close' or 'disabled'.)

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U.S. Vers. 6 (October 23, 2007)
European Vers. 6 (23 October, 2007)

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